Aura Raulo


Aura Raulo is a natural scientist and an artist, fascinated by social networks, patterns of isolation and connectedness and emergence of identity through contact. She uses artistic and scientific research of the same topics, parallel to each other as equal research methods. Science can provide us bot new information and understanding of how much we don’t know. Art is a powerful method of relating to the meaning of these fractals of knowledge and landscapes of unknown. Aura’s art arises from the feeling of confusion and respect scientists feel when they understand how little they understand. This brings us back to our child-self, full of questions, hope and excitement over mysterious reality. 
Aura uses various materials and methods from pictures to installations to performances to muse with the themes she finds most interesting:

Transmission of microbes, migrants, information and culture
Social networks
Emergence of identity through contact
Chaos (stochasticity) and chance
Immune system
Waste lands, abandoned things, empty spaces, silence