Aileen Creegan


Lives and works Reading, UK

Aileen Creegan is interested in exploring how the absent can be made visible.

She enjoys collecting and organising information to help her better understand the world, on subjects that, at first glance, might not always appear obviously useful. Information is her comfort blanket; Wikipedia trawls and Google Earth explorations a way to self-soothe, with journeys within digital environments seen to be as valuable as real-world field trips.

From this secure standing, the artist seeks to exploit flaws and deconstruct accepted perspectives and narratives, often exploring the tension that comes along with breaking what is designed to be immersive and real. She wishes to draw attention to what is not meant to be seen, elevating the out-of-place, or objects and places that can elicit complex and messy feelings, revelling in aesthetic enjoyment whilst being keenly aware of the destructive nature and processes involved.